Microsoft Surface Singapore, Price of Surface Tablet

Microsoft’s Surface Tablet Price in Singapore is S$600 (SGD) approximately, which is $499 (USD). Some people are selling Microsoft Surface tablet  - 32Gb with cover, at a price of S$891 (USD) at ebay, singapore. Please note this is a Surface with Windows RT operating system. You can not install standard window applications.

If you are buying a surface for serious work and you will need to deal with standard desktop/laptop applications, we would recommend you buy a Microsoft surface with Windows Pro, which will cost you around SGD 1500.

Compare Microsoft surface tablet prices at various online stores in Singapore

Below is the list of stores arranged in ascending order by the price of Surface tablet
S$891 – 32 GB with cover at eBay Singapore.

Buy Microsoft Surface Tablet online in Singapore

Below are the various websites to by Microsoft Surface tablet in Singapore, online.

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